Mr. Blue: Hi, Mrs. Flynn. Well how have you been?
      What a surprise to see you.

Mrs. Flynn: Hi, Mr. Blue. Well, how are you.
      It’s really great to see you.

Mr. Blue: It’s been so long since we last met.
      It’s been at least a year, I bet.

Mrs. Flynn: You’re looking great, and I can’t wait
      to hear what you’ve been up to.

Mr. Blue: Not much is new. But how about you ?
      You must have news to tell me.

Mrs. Flynn: I’m just the same. I can’t complain,
      except about my salary.

Mr. Blue: The weather’s awful, isn’t it?
      It should be warmer just a bit.

Mrs. Flynn: I think so too – I’ve had the flu,
      and so has all my family.

Mr. Blue: There’s my wife Eve, I’ve got to leave.
      Let’s hope for better weather.

Mrs. Blue: Bye, Mr. Blue. Nice seeing you.
      Next week, let’s get together.

Mr. Blue: Give me a call just anytime.
I’m in my office after nine.

Mrs. Flynn: I’ll call you there. Bye, bye, take care.
      I’d love to get together.

 Listen to this song.


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