Why You’ll Love Tile


Why You’ll Love Tile – Elegance, Convenience, Durability, Timelessness…

Porcelain Tile – You may have heard the term porcelain tile. This refers to tiles which are made from special clays and have been fired at very high temperatures. This process vitrifies the tile which makes it very hard, like glass. This also makes the tile dense and strong.

Natural Stone Tile:
Stone is a product of nature and its appearance is a result of millions of years of geologic change and mineral composition. Extreme color variations, as well as variations in veining, shade, finish, texture, strength, hardness and density are all characteristics of natural stone. Some stones may contain a resin filler to fill in the natural fissures or pits in the stone’s surface. Special care is required for maintaining natural stone. With proper care, its beauty will last a lifetime.


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