Happy April Fool’s day everyone

Has someone played a trick on you today?

I thought for a minute someone had positioned a snow machine outside my window today but alas, it was real.

When, oh when, will spring finally shower us with warm sun rays?

I played a trick on myself today, you could say, by imagining I could copy a Van Gogh painting for hanging in the corridor.

But the snowy weather didn’t inspire me to get the colour mix quite right to show blazing sun light on my sunflowers.

The weather did however, kindle an interest in me to move to the South of France or Italy in winter just to warm up.

Anyway the result of my day dreams was a painting that is at least glowing in sunny tones to liven up my hallway.

Just don’t look too closely at the brush work…

Happy Easter everyone! Go easy on the eggs.

Chris 🙂


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