the hay fever season is upon us

The beautiful weather we are experiencing this weekend in northern Germany has two sides to it for hay fever sufferers. On the one hand it calls out for that sun-absorbing walk through the woods on a gorgeous sunny warm day in March which holds the promise of spring, but on the other hand results in those itching eyes and  blocked nose you could do without…

Apparently the pollen of the elm tree and willow are responsible for it.  Although I am reluctant to blame nature for anything,  the theory puts the blame more on the pollutants we people blow into the air each day combined with those pollen than on our natural surroundings.

Any20150307_163932way it didn’t stop me from taking a short boat trip on the river yesterday and finding crocuses in bloom in the woods this morning,

Hope you are enjoying the arrival of spring as much as I am.

Take care,



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