Moving theatre in Osnabrück ‘Garderobe 45’

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It has been a wonderful weekend here in Osnabrück. Weather-wise we have been spoilt with sunshine and culturally I have been lucky enough to witness the most phenomenal theatre project I have been to for a long time.

Musikheaterlupe’s director Katrin Orth and the Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus produced a multi-dimensional play based on authentic local witness stories from the postwar years (WWII). These stories form the basis for the scenarios that take place in and around the Piesberg’s local function rooms. Weltuhr von Theo

The musical arrangements, the train ride on a historic railway locomotive and the video installations by my fellow landsman, Theo van Delft, made this play a unique experience that takes the theatregoer by the hand on a dream journey into the late forties, an era characterized by desolation, hunger and community spirit.

No less than 80 actors and musicians, both professional and amateur, in period costume, treat the public to a wonderful insight into bygone times and make the whole experience so heartfelt. There is a lot of historical material packed into this project and Katrin Orth managed to even pull the whole story into the present by making the audience realize the link to the current refugee issue without ever losing in authenticity, no mean feat…

The music that was selected plays a big role in evoking a fitting atmosphere to travel back in time. It forms the perfect accompaniment and is performed beautifully and soulfully, evoking an emotional current on which the public can make their way from one impressing scene to the next. Some take place out in the open, like on the train, or against the back drop of a most imposing rock formation in the old quarry, overgrown with ferns and other lush foliage, some in the different function rooms like the cloackroom (which is one meaning of the title ‘garderobe’, the other is ‘wardrobe’,  which raises the point that the costumes really pull one back into time and on top of that there’s the fact that the audience is asked to come dressed for the occasion and fitting to the time, as they are made to feel part of the play), the cellar and the main performance hall.

It was a most wondrous and exciting trip into the postwar epoch, one which I can only highly recommend for you to take as well.railwaytracksG45

Actors: Tine Schoch, Sissi Zängerle, Konrad Haller, Ralf Siebenand, Reiner Galke

Musicians: Michael Zachcial, Felix Kroll (Grenzgänger), Volker Winck, Christiane Kumetat, Willem Schulz, Jouana Dahdouh

Performances on 10, 11, 17 & 18 June at 7 pm

Start at Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus, Glückaufstraße 1, Ticket reservation: 0541-1208888


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