Yoga in English in the Lagerhalle

tea+snackWe are getting close to winter and have just had sub zero temperatures. These early dark nights make being indoors with some hot tea or pumpkin soup probably seem more appealing than going out into the blustery night after work. What about starting your weekend with a nice yoga session to wash away any built-up stress by looking after your body, mind and soul, so you feel back in control and able to steer your life in the direction you deem best for you.

Why don’t you drop by to try out a Friday late afternoon session (17:45) in the Lagerhalle Osnabrück. There is a special winter discount on sessions in the months of November and December and an extra big reduction for Ostensibles, Osnabrück’s theatre in English members. For people who want to come at the weekend, I also offer Sunday mornings at 9 am in the Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus. Hope to see you at one of these locations 🙂



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