(Grand-)parent & kids yoga

kinderouderyogapicNEW at the Lagerhalle  Osnabrück

ab  26. 8. 2016 Freitags 16:30

einsteigen ist aber jederzeit möglich

Wir machen seriös Yoga, aber der Spaß soll sicher nicht zu kurz kommen!

Es ist nicht wichtig wie flexibel Sie sind oder wie gut Ihr Englisch ist, gerade da arbeiten wir nähmlich daran auf natürliche Art und Weise. Yoga ist für Jeden und macht fit, fröhlich und gesund.

Christina Niese, Cambridge certified English teacher,  certified yoga teacher

Weitere Infos unter  0162 437 4604 oder  cniese@rocketmail.com

Preis pro Erwachsene:  5 ticket card €50, oder 10 ticket card €90 in Kombination mit Preis pro Kind : 5 ticket card €25, oder 10 ticket card €40*

Wenn möglich bringen Sie bitte eine Yogamatte mit, danke 🙂

(adult ticket price is  a combo with kids price )

In today’s hectic times this course offers you and your (grand-) child a wonderful opportunity to do something for your health both physically and mentally and to bond as a family in a relaxing but enjoyable manner.

Teenagers over 12 years of age can come on their own. They can also come to the ‘adult’ session at 17:45. Bring a friend if you like 🙂


Summer is here!

sunsalutesolstice16We had the most wonderful summer solstice evening last night in Osnabrück, celebrated with sun saluations during the outdoor event in honor of International Yoga Day. The Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus offered the perfect venue at the old coal station at the foot of the Piesberg. It was a very special evening because we were doing yoga together with millions of people all over the globe as it was the second year since the United Nations had declared  21 June to World Yoga Day. On top of that we were having a full moon on this summer’s longest day, which only happens once every 70 years. We were fortunate enough to have a dry spell for the 1.5 hours this session took. Even though the full moon was hidden by the clouds, we could feel the good vibes through nature’s wonderful expressions both in sound (bird song  abound) and sights (trees overhead and a natural stone wall to feel secure).20160621_194425

The goal of this free event on this summer solstice evening was to give people the chance to get familiar with YOGA or to celebrate YOGA and its benefits for health and the balancing of body and mind. The session was given in a mix of German and English to underline its international character.

The thought for the night was to be mindful of how we can practice non-violence towards others and ourselves, one of the underpinning principles of yoga. Non-violence can begin with wishing other people what you would want for yourself, and in the sense that you aren’t too critical of well-intended attempts of doing well. This also goes for your attitude towards yourself, you can only try your best and have as positive an outlook on life as you can.

With special thanks to the Osnabrücker Dampflockfreunde and the Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus for their cooperation in Osnabück’s first celebration of International YOGA Day.

Namaste 🙂

PS If you want to join the regular yoga sessions from Yoga & English by Christina, you are very welcome to join on Tuesdays at 6 pm or Saturdays at 10 am. Give us a shout at Tel. 0541 120 8888 or 0162 437 4604, or email cniese@rocketmail.com or info@piesberger-gesellschaftshaus.de

21 June World YOGA Day Osnabrück

Druids Celebrate The Summer Solstice At Stonehenge

The prehistoric landmark of Stonehenge lies in exact alignment with the midsummer sunset. This means that when you’re in England it seems the perfect spot to celebrate the summer solstice on the longest day of the year

3menhirsFWAt the Piesberg however, we have our own stone collection and it seems the ideal place for Osnabrück to celebrate the height of summer. And what better way to do it than by practicing some yoga to reflect on our relationship with nature.

It is the 2nd year that International YOGA Day will be observed on June 21st.

This year the Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus has been so kind to lend its cooperation to organizing an outdoor YOGA  event for every Osnabrücker who wants to try out yoga in English, German or in the universal language of yoga itself.

In 2014 the Indian prime minister declared  in front of the General Assembly of the UN:

“Yoga is an invaluable gift and a 5000 year old tradition which embodies the unity of mind and body, ….harmony between man and nature, a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but about discovering (through breath, reflection and exercise) the sense of oneness between yourself, the world and nature. By changing our lifestyle we can become conscious of how we can deal with climate change.”

We invite you to join in an Open air yoga session  in the green surroundings of the Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus on:

Tuesday 21 June at 19:30

to celebrate the longest day of the year 2016

No need to be flexible, you don’t need to speak English. You just need an open mind.

It is for everyone: for all levels, for all nationalities and for free.

Instructor: Christina Niese, Cambridge certified English teacher and  certified  in Ireland as a yoga teacher

Please register on (+49) 0541 120 8888

Moving theatre in Osnabrück ‘Garderobe 45’

Dear blog reader,

It has been a wonderful weekend here in Osnabrück. Weather-wise we have been spoilt with sunshine and culturally I have been lucky enough to witness the most phenomenal theatre project I have been to for a long time.

Musikheaterlupe’s director Katrin Orth and the Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus produced a multi-dimensional play based on authentic local witness stories from the postwar years (WWII). These stories form the basis for the scenarios that take place in and around the Piesberg’s local function rooms. Weltuhr von Theo

The musical arrangements, the train ride on a historic railway locomotive and the video installations by my fellow landsman, Theo van Delft, made this play a unique experience that takes the theatregoer by the hand on a dream journey into the late forties, an era characterized by desolation, hunger and community spirit.

No less than 80 actors and musicians, both professional and amateur, in period costume, treat the public to a wonderful insight into bygone times and make the whole experience so heartfelt. There is a lot of historical material packed into this project and Katrin Orth managed to even pull the whole story into the present by making the audience realize the link to the current refugee issue without ever losing in authenticity, no mean feat…

The music that was selected plays a big role in evoking a fitting atmosphere to travel back in time. It forms the perfect accompaniment and is performed beautifully and soulfully, evoking an emotional current on which the public can make their way from one impressing scene to the next. Some take place out in the open, like on the train, or against the back drop of a most imposing rock formation in the old quarry, overgrown with ferns and other lush foliage, some in the different function rooms like the cloackroom (which is one meaning of the title ‘garderobe’, the other is ‘wardrobe’,  which raises the point that the costumes really pull one back into time and on top of that there’s the fact that the audience is asked to come dressed for the occasion and fitting to the time, as they are made to feel part of the play), the cellar and the main performance hall.

It was a most wondrous and exciting trip into the postwar epoch, one which I can only highly recommend for you to take as well.railwaytracksG45

Actors: Tine Schoch, Sissi Zängerle, Konrad Haller, Ralf Siebenand, Reiner Galke

Musicians: Michael Zachcial, Felix Kroll (Grenzgänger), Volker Winck, Christiane Kumetat, Willem Schulz, Jouana Dahdouh

Performances on 10, 11, 17 & 18 June at 7 pm

Start at Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus, Glückaufstraße 1, Ticket reservation: 0541-1208888

Yoga & English now ‘Yenglisch’

The creativity of the journalists at the local newspaper this Easter weekend made me smile today 🙂

Have a look at the article they placed to announce the extra Tuesday evening yoga class at the Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus at 6 pm:


Come and join the group. The more the merrier 🙂


Yoga auf Englisch


Would you like to do something for your body and mind in one go?


Let the flow of yoga calm your mind. (Killarney waterfalls, Ireland)

Create a healthy balance in your life.

Practice your English in a relaxed manner while doing yoga.

Come and join the weekly sessions on

Saturdays 10:00-11:30

Tuesdays 18:00-19:30

             You don’t have to be flexible,

you don’t have to be good at English.

The approach is ‘learning by doing’.

Möchten Sie Ihre Englischkenntnisse durch 

Yogastunden verbessern?

Dann können Sie auf einer natürlichen Art und Weise

mit einer Sprache umgehen durch ‚learning by doing‘.

Im Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus können

Sie mal ausprobieren, ob Yoga auf Englisch etwas für Sie ist.

Nächste Stunde nach Ostern  2016

samstags 10-11:30

dienstags 18:00-19:300

 Glückaufstraße 1/10 Osnabrück 49090


Christina Niese

Cambridge certified English teacher

Certified*  yoga instructor

trained at the internationally accredited

Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Cork, Ireland

*registered with YOGA ALLIANCE UK

My contact details:

Tel. 0162 437 4604


Kultur- und Landschaftspark Piesberg,

Glückaufstraße 10, 49090 Osnabrück


The Irish waterfalls at the top symbolise to me

the light, peace and balance

that yoga can bring to your life.

the hay fever season is upon us

The beautiful weather we are experiencing this weekend in northern Germany has two sides to it for hay fever sufferers. On the one hand it calls out for that sun-absorbing walk through the woods on a gorgeous sunny warm day in March which holds the promise of spring, but on the other hand results in those itching eyes and  blocked nose you could do without…

Apparently the pollen of the elm tree and willow are responsible for it.  Although I am reluctant to blame nature for anything,  the theory puts the blame more on the pollutants we people blow into the air each day combined with those pollen than on our natural surroundings.

Any20150307_163932way it didn’t stop me from taking a short boat trip on the river yesterday and finding crocuses in bloom in the woods this morning,

Hope you are enjoying the arrival of spring as much as I am.

Take care,